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為了保證大樓和工廠等電氣設備的正常運營,需要定期進行維護保養工作。鉗形表就是適用于維保管理的測量儀表。 近年來,由于配電柜的小型化,讓內部的布線更加密集,線纜之間的間隙也變得更窄。以往的鉗形表有時會因無法夾住這類電線而給工作造成不便的情況。 CM4375、CM4376將鉗口的形狀改成了纖細型,因此之前無法進行測量的狹窄場所的電線也能完美夾住。
1. 能輕松夾住狹窄間隙中電線的纖細型鉗口
2. 額定電流AC/DC 1000A
3. 使用溫度范圍廣:-25℃~65℃
4. 豐富的功能:AC/DC電流、AC/DC電壓、頻率、連續性、電阻、二極管、電容、溫度、直流電源
5. 安全等級 CATⅣ600V / CATⅢ1000V
6. 測量值傳輸至智能手機中:搭載Bluetooth無線技術(CM4376)

Current Sensors are Designed to Fit Easily Around Cables in Confined Spaces
Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4375 and CM4376. Regular maintenance and management are essential in order to keep electrical equipment operating properly in buildings and manufacturing plants. Measuring instruments known as clamp meters are used to perform such maintenance and management work.
 Distribution panels have been shrinking in recent years, with the result that the wires inside them are packed closer together. Less space between adjacent cables makes it harder for workers to do their jobs. The CM4375 and CM4376 feature improved, thinner jaws that can fit into confined spaces where measurement has been impossible in the past.
 Product Features
 1. Thinner jaws that fit easily between cables in confined spaces
 2. Current rating of 1000 A AC/DC
 3. Broad operating temperature range of -25°C to 65°C
 4. Extensive measurement functionality: AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, continuity, resistance, diode, capacitance, temperature, DC power
 5. Safety standard compliance: CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V
 6. Bluetooth wireless technology for displaying measured values on a smartphone (CM4376)

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